[SOLVED] Setting TOR Network Firmware on GL.iNet 6416

Hi guys,

I saw Tor firmware for GL.iNet 6416 on Download page.

Following instructions, I’ve installed this firmware but I cannot connect to TOR Network!

Is it any step by step guide or precompiled firmware fully working?

EDIT: Solved, the new firmware 1.3 works now.

For 6416, when the Tor is working, the LED should be GREEN or Orange.

If it is just red or not on, the tor process is not working.

Then you need to wait a while before the router connect to the Tor network.

Hi, I have dona a reset to default settings and now It works!

I really don’t know why, after flashing It doesn’t work.

But, hot to turn back to original firmware? If I follow the same procedure I cannot enter in the upgrading firmware page… (using the same Guide mentioned above…)


Edit: another thing, Now Tor checker say my network is Tor compliant, but I cannot access to some Onion sites like (You need Tor network to access):

And many other…Why?Mmm

Maybe you have reserved the config files when you upgrade. reset the router clears the config files.

If you want to go back, you can connect your computer to ssid “openwrt” and then you will be able to access, there will be a UI to reflash the firmware.

Also you can use uboot web UI, check this: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

For onion sites, I have tried some. I used tor browser and the mini router and achieved the same result. Some sites are unable to connect. Maybe they are down?


i’ve done a reset but nothing changed.

nono, that sites i’ve mentioned are online, try with official tor tools here (connect to standard wifi):

New versiona Domino TOR Firmware 1.3 available here.

I will give a try!


Hey guys, the new firmware 1.3 works!

Now I can see .Onion sites!

You just need to connect to Tor wifi and wait some seconds.