Some questions regarding Mifi router

I am interested in the Mifi modem/router as a viable solution when travelling but have a few questions (risking the questions may already have been asked and answered, my apology in that case).

  • Can I use the GL Inet Mifi or other GL Inet WiFi router for repeating 802.1x certificate "msvchapv2" secured hotspots (for Dutch members: Ziggo hotspots, eduroam).
  • Can i swap EC20-E for EC20-A when travelling to North America from Europe and back when returning to Europe, so buy one Mifi and 2 EC20's and use modem accordingly. Is there a global option in the works?
  • Will GL Inet Mifi seamless switch from mobile signal to wifi when 3g/4G signal drops and back (Wifi always has priority?)
Your input is greatly acknowledged. Thanks, Jaap
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  1. The mini router doesn’t have 802.1x protocol built in. You need to opkg remove wpad-mini and opkg install wpad if you want 802.1x.

  2. Probably you can get a more expensive full band modem what works around the world without changing the module. I have some choice but never fully tested them by ourselves.

  3. From firmware v2.241 (still in testing) we have mwan3 built-in. It can switch the network automatically. But it is built in ping and it will have a duration network break when it switch network.

Thank you for your answer Mr. Zhao

I will have a look at the wpad-mini wpad swap and look around for some instructions to accomplish this.

For now I will purchase both the EC20-E and EC20-A for the mifi and swap them according being in North America or Europe and use the appropriate SIM for the country I am in.

Thank you again

Is there more news about a global 4G LTE module. It seems to me that the B17 LTE band, which is popular in South America and the Caribbean, is not available in the current GL Inet offerings, which by the way are sold out apparently.

Would this work?

Thank you for your help.


We still don’t have any global 4G LTE module.

Seems Sierra Wireless has one such modem but it is extremely expensive and temperature is hot.

Hey Jaap,
can you show how did you manage to swap the modules? I’m highly interested on it. Unfortunately there is no video available. If you could post some photos that would be great! I want to drastically reduce the number of gadgets carried…
Please, do you believe it is also possible to replace the battery for a more powerful one?

Hi Alzhao,
can you point which module would be suitable for testing?
I travel to EU/US/BR and global modem is a requirement.
Thanks a lot

You can open the case and replace the modem. The modem is in PCIe Interface so all these kind of modem can be plugged in and works.

The battery can be changed as well. There is a small connector and you can detach the battery. I am not sure what is a more powerful one as the space inside of the case is limited.

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Thanks a lot.
I have one last question:
I’m considering to buy the GL-AR750, and upgrade it with a 4g module + battery to replace a GL-MIFI ( .
I don’t care for the leds (as I can see detailed status from a webpage) nor easy access to the 4g card (no need to change it frequently anyway).
I would be very much happier with

  • a few more lan ports (compared to gl-mifi)
  • more storage and memory (compared to gl-mifi)
  • more powerful processor ( I want to build a portable vpn device)
  • still be portable

Do you think is there sufficient room for adding the 4g And the battery?
Thanks a lot.

Do you still need battery? When you say “portable” seems you need a battery.

If you don’t need battery, then we will have a upgraded version of MiFi for you.

I don’t think you can modify AR750 according to your requirement. You need to add USB modem and Battery, which will make it very big.

I would like to have the battery, yes. But would consider other options (portable also → small enough)
What would be the upgraded version you’re talking? More memory better processor or wifi 5GHz?? I’m Interested.

we are adding 5G and using more powerful CPU. But the power consumption is very high so battery is not realistic.

that’s great news.
please confirm If I got it right,
you can upgrade the GL-MIFI with wifi 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz with a better CPU (which one?)
still have 4G LTE (EU)
but battery wont be possible because of consumption (but there still room for one).

If that’s the case, then battery can be added but you don’t think that’s wise.
Meaning that, there is room for it. But on Battery the router wont last operating for long.
You wont sell it with the battery but I could buy a separate one and install it myself, being the responsible if the battery sucks. (I’m stubborn but i have plans :wink: )

Is that possible?

The new product will use 12V input so you need a 12v battery. Small 5V battery cannot provide enough current for the device.

Hello there,
I’m interested into the upgraded version of MIFI you mentioned. How can we talk more about it?

You can send us emails. You can find our emails in the website.