Sources for building custom V4 Firmware (e.g. for X750 Spitz with GPS support)


i would be happy for a hint where to find the newest (beta) sourcecode for building images…

…the newest firmware in the imagebuilder is 3.217

…:~/imagebuilder/glinet$ git tag |grep x750


I have searched a lot on the Website, Docs, FAQs but didnt find a actual (V4) repo with the source…

…yes i could go back to V3 but then i could get trouble with the settings and a lot of work with that…

Reason for my question is that i have a GPS antenna on the roof of my RV connected to the mobile-module… of the router… And so i find it stupid to use an extra GPS Tracker…

Thank you in advance for any hints…

Afaik firmware 4.x is closed source now.

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You can use imagebuilder from OpenWrt directly.

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It is never open source. It is just imagebuilder, which you can use the one from openwrt directly.


Thank you very much for you feedback. I am a little bit sad that i cant use my own openrt base with your gui. To be honest, i dont need the source code. But for example i would have tried to use gl-gps and for sure the gui.

Do you have a hint wgich funktions of you router are normaly functional with a plain openwrt ? (LTE also if its an LTE router)

Best a thank you again

I don’t get the question tbh.
Nearly all functions (without goodcloud) will work on plain OpenWrt; since that’s what the router is based on.