Speakers for Slate AX as music server


I just bought a Slate AX for a travel router without appreciating its other capabilities. I want to load music files onto the micro SD card in the TF slot & serve it over WiFi to portable, rechargeable travel sized speakers.

I think Mopidy-MPD is the right software for my use case - but what speakers can I use?

Thanks in advance!

Before I used sonos. When using Sonos App it can play music directly from network shares.

I use Sonos at my house, too, but the new app ruined access to local music files, so I'm not willing to buy their products any more.

I don't have an answer for you.

But checked from the Internet.
Mopidy-MPD is the music server frontend, which should not run or needed on the router.

The router comes with samba, which is supported by MPD client.
You can check if the speaker support samba. If yes, hopefuly it will work with your setup out of box.