Spitz AX (GL-X3000) WiFi Issues

Dear people,

I am operating a Spitz behind a Brume 2. I have severe WiFi Issues with the Spitz resulting in complete packet loss for ~3-5 seconds every like 10 minutes or so. The Spitz does have a SIM card installed (as a failover option) but atm, I have deactivated it for examining the issue.

I have narrowed down this issue to be definitely located at the Spitz because if I connect via cable to my cisco switch (and thus to the Brume 2), the connection is stable the whole day without any packet loss whatsoever.

The Spitz does use the latest fw:

Additional Info:
MacBook Pro M1
I am using 5GHz WiFi on automatic Channel

Is this a known issue with the Spitz?

Thanks in advance

I have no issues over 5GHz WiFi.

Good to know. But that actually does not solve my issue…

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Try to deactivate the automatic channel selection and use fixed channel on non- DFS frequencies.
Channel 38 or 46 with 40 MHz BW or channel 42 with 80 MHz BW.

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Thanks @WolfP
I will try it!

My wifi keeps dropping and disconnecting as well, I have very strong signal right now, 100mbs, but it was dropping in Teams at my work call, I am fuming right now... spent £400 on this router and my cheap 4g router for £30 worked more reliably! :angry:

Pls let us know do you have issues on 2.4G or 5G?
What is the wifi channel and encryption?
Do you have log showing the disconnection?

I was disconnecting on 2.4G.

Yes, in the logs i keep having disconnection events with reason = 1 unspecified.

Tue May 28 10:38:48 2024 kern.notice kernel: [45026.465422] hw_ctrl_flow_v2_disconnt_act() 172: wdev_idx=0
Tue May 28 10:38:48 2024 kern.warn kernel: [45026.472534] MacTableDeleteEntry() 1793: Del Sta: MY MAC ADDRESS
Tue May 28 10:38:48 2024 kern.notice kernel: [45026.479825] ap_peer_deauth_action() 429: AUTH - receive DE-AUTH(seq-158) from MY MAC ADDRESS, reason=1

One question: Do you have USB device connected?

Can you also check what is the Band that the modem is using to communicate with the tower.

No USB device connected. Band 1 is used:

Can you set the 2.4G wifi channel to 11?

ok i've set to 11, will see if it still drops

I just got dropped again and the 2.4g wifi is no longer showing at all... so I am using 5g now

Can you send me the whole log via private message?