Spitz AX3000in

Trying to use the repeater function. It often shows no WiFi signals available, then when it finally does find some, it tries to connect, but then fails, telling me it could not find the network. Do I have an incorrect setting? (Using default settings with IPv6 enabled)

For starters I’d disable IPv6. Let’s make things simple while trying to get it to work. Once you have it working on IPv4 then you can attempt IPv6.

Get the log after “it fails”.

So I changed to IPv4 and it connects, but says the “internet cannot be accessed.”



The interface is connected, but the Internet can’t be accessed.

  • IP Address172.23.32.212

  • Gateway172.23.32.1

  • DNS Server172.23.32.1

  • BSSID00:2C:C8:EC:39:A4

DisableSwitch Network


Does this has a Captive portal? If yes this is what you should do

  1. Disable modem first
  2. Access any http website, e.g. neverssl.com and get the portal pop up and get authenticated
  3. enable modem again

If you have the modem connection active, the data may not go to the repeater and the portal may not pop up.

I’m sorry, but this is beyond my expertise, I believe. If I disable (turn off?) the modem, how do I access a page?

I don’t understand why I need to go through this….why isn’t this device set up to do what’s claimed in the marketing literature? It claims to do WiFi as WAN. Why doesn’t it work that way?