Spitz - External Antennas and Captive Portal support

I’d like to have the features from GL-AR750S, but with the option of using a more powerful external antenna.

I see that currently Spitz is the only router you have that supports external replaceable antennas. When in a hotel or campground, free WiFi is often available but sometimes the signal is very weak. I’d like to have the option of replacing the small antenna that the router comes with with a more powerful, directional antenna.
Does Spitz support captive portal pages?

Do you have any other products in your pipeline that support external antennas?
Can the antennas on Spitz be replaced with more powerful ones?
What specs antennas is Spitz compatible with?

Would any of these antennas work just fine?


I would not know anything about the antennas, but OpenWRT does support several captive portal softwares, listed here. I’ve found Nodogsplash to be the easiest to use & configure and I have written up a nice guide that you can check out over here: GitHub - unixfy/captive-portal: A captive portal page designed for use with OpenWRT and NoDogSplash.