Spitz (GL-X750) on Sprint US?

So I just ordered this after chat really couldnt help me figure it out. I even contacted Quectel and they didn’t seem to know either. You really have to pull strings to get someone that knows anything.

I just want to know if this product works with Sprint in the US? And more specifically, since it’s never been sold by any carrier in the US, does it need a device swap/activation here?

Most importantly, how come the product page on various resellers states the EP-06A supports band 41 yet Quectel says it does not and you would have to get the EM06-A variant to support Band 41.

It’s really confusing. I think I want to cancel my order now because I am not getting any clear answers from anyone associated with the hardware in this device. Neither GL iNET nor Quectel.

How do I go about getting this to work on Sprint and at the fastest speeds possible?

Did you get this working?