Spitz vs Shadow OpenVPN speed

I notice that both these devices use the QCA9531 @ 650MHz, but Spitz lists OpenVPN performance as 10Mbps and Shadow lists it at 15Mbps.

Just curious why the difference.

Edit: And Slate, with a QCA9563 @ 775MHz, listed as 17Mbps max for OpenVPN. Interesting.

Do any of these devices have (functioning) AES acceleration? IIRC the Brume’s CPU has AES acceleration, but it doesn’t yet work with OpenWRT. Maybe these are the same?

I am thinking to test these with ChaCha20 and see if more speed can possibly be squeezed out.

Spitz and Shadow should be pretty similar in openvpn speed. Spitz has modems and the CPU has extra load so may be slower.

Slate has a better CPU.

AES acceleration does not help openvpn in these CPU.