Spitz X-3000 can I enable IPv6?

I ask because in the configuration screen says that IPv6 will not work with the Firewall and VPN, I am not worried about VPN, but the Firewall is important, please could you confirm if I can enable IPv6 or not and keep the FW functionality, thanks

“Some features (firewall, VPN, client list, GoodCloud) do not yet support IPv6.”
That means it does not support adding ipv6 firewall rule on the admin panel. You can do it in Luci.
By default, ipv6 traffic from wan is blocked.

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Thank you, that means IPv6 it is FULLY supported by the router, it just the GL.iNet WEB interface that doesn’t support IPv6 Firewall Rules configuration? And I have to do it directly in openWRT’s interface LuCi? Please could you confirm, thank you

Yes. Kernel, dnsmasq, netifd, firewall, most component are IPv6-ready, but for specific applications, it’s not easy to get everything to work, as we meet issues with VPN ipv6.
Enabling ipv6 starts a whole new stack of protocol, and doubles everything.

Understand, I don’t use VPN so maybe in my case it should work fine for basic usage.