Spitz X750 4G horrendously slow

Wonderful good evening!

I bought a Spitz X750 because my TP-Link MR-6400 was having major issues with WiFi.

However, after switching the SIM into the Spitz the LTE speed has dropped majorly - from 40+ in the TP-Link or my cellphone to ~8Mbit. Similar story with the card of a different provider.

I’ve enabled CA, here are some informations I’ve set / received:

+QNWINFO: “FDD LTE”,“23210”,“LTE BAND 3”,1525

+QCAINFO: “pcc”,1525,75,“LTE BAND 3”,1,98,-86,-11,-56,19
+QCAINFO: “scc”,3350,100,“LTE BAND 7”,1,339,-104,-12,-82,0

I’m pretty new to openWRT / gl.iNET products but know some basics - have I misconfigured something? It should use Band 3 + 7 with CA which should allow for much more than just 8 Mbits.

Thanks for your help.

I think it is better to use default settings and let the modem select bands.

About speed, you can use AT command to check signals etc. and post here.