Spitz X750 and T-mobile US want info on best way to configure

Planning on picking up a Spitz X750 for travel and some home use; I have general understanding but may need some explicit instructions on how to best configure. I will be adding to my T-mobile US family plan. What type of service should the sim be provisioned to: a cell phone sim or tablet sim? Will the carrier see the device as a hotspot or cell phone? Any command lines needed to work?


I used a spitz w/EP-06A on a T-Mobile MVNO a while back and didn’t have any issues. I’m now on Verizon and it sometimes takes a long time to register when turned on (mine are pretty much always-on). The first time I activated the SIM on a real phone to get past some IMEI checks. So if it shows signal but doesn’t manage to register try that…