Spitz X750 - sending AT command doesn't work

Not sure exactly what I’m doing wrong - I am connected to the internet, click AT Command and send a manual command
to /dev/ttyUSB2

I get “OK” but that code should give me the balance on the SIM Card. Anyone see what I’m doing wrong?

I’m seeing the same issue with my provider on a GL-XE300 (EP06-A).

The commands AT+CUSD=? and AT+CUSD? both respond correctly with data and “OK”, but AT+CUSD=1,“*187#”,15 just responds “OK”.

Other AT commands, like AT+COPS? also correctly return data and “OK”.

Thanks for much for your reply! I thought I was going crazy but at least someone else is getting the same behaviour!

Can you ask Quectel technical support directly?

@alzhao Following your recommendation, I opened a ticket with Quectel. Here is the latest response:

1.I see that the execution of other commands also has the problem of returning only OK. Can you provide the at log that the command can be executed normally until only OK is returned? I want to know what operations were performed in the process, thank you!

2.Do you currently use EVB for testing, can you follow the following methods to help grab Qwinlog, which will help us locate the problem?please execute at+Qcfg=" DBGCTL ",0 to turn on LOG switch



Can I do any of this directly on the XE300 ??


Any thoughts here.

Or do I just close the Quectel ticket and forget about running an AT command to check the status of my SIM balance.


I gave up and switched SIM providers in my device so I could monitor the balance in their app.

It is difficult to get support for the AT commands from Quectel. If it is not critical hope you can just find another way.

Hmmmm. I just sent a mail to their support address and they opened a ticket.

Then they asked for the information I pasted above, asking if that’s something I can collect as a plain user of a device.


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Has anyone tried installing vanilla OpenWRT on the Spitz?