Stock available in Amazon UK

We filled some stock in Amazon UK for GL-AR150, GL-AR150 external antenna version, GL-iNet6416. Now you can buy from UK directly, hoping to avoid slow delivery , expensive VAT and customs fees.

Just search for “GL.iNet” in

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Hi alzhao,

good idea to make it easier to buy a GL-iNet product.

Any reason why it is not possible to deliver from to Germany?

I would be interested in buying a AR150 with external antenna in addition to my iNet6416.

As you might know it´s not easy to buy a GL-iNet product in Europe that is delivered from within Europe directly especially for a reasonable price (without special VAT, customs and slow delivery).

So it would be great if a wide range of GL-iNet products would be available for European customers.

Any hint where to buy in Europe or how to get it delivered from to Germany?

@bubblebee, good question. Seems both we need to learn.

I just thought that you can buy directly from Amazon UK. Not??

In our seller console, it saids list in one place and sell to all 5 amazon market place in Europe, including UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain…

I am checking the seller console to see if I could find the settings.


I just did some research. Now you can buy from Amazon UK now. But seems the deliver fee is not cheap.

Unfortunately I don’t know German and French so I cannot set up the item in Amazon Germany and France. If we have a large user base we can setup store there.

Hi alzhao,

just checked your amazon marketplace update: indeed now it´s possible to buy from with delivery to Germany.
And yes, your right: It´s not very attractive to buy from with delivery to Germany mainly because of the currency.

Example: iNet6416 bought and delivered from 21,50 + 4 = 25,5 GBP = 33,5 Euro iNet6416 bought from and delivered from China 19.99 + 3 = 24 Euro

This may give you an idea that it´s not an attractive and competitive price. Especially considering that the GL-iNet competes with “budget” devices TP-Link 3020mr or 710N roughly around 20 Euro. I know that´s not a fair comparison because the GL-iNet offers a technical better product and the opportunity to come with openwrt out of the box.

Anyway I see your point with the “larger user base” but it´s a vicious circle: Is it possible to gain a large user base if the product is not available or due to price (delivery, customs, etc.) less attractive to buy?

When I understood your idea correctly you would consider to open an amazon store in Germany or France but the drawback is the language.

Maybe this forum community can offer help and support with the translation so that you can set up an amazon store in Germany and France.

I would be pleased if I can offer help and support you with the German translation (English to German). Unfortunately I have no French skills but I am sure in this forum are some people around who have and can give support.

What about this idea? Could it be an option?

@bubblebee, thanks for your offer to help.

We will wait a while to gain experience of selling in Amazon UK first. EU makes it too expensive for us to sell products there. Amazon charges >20% of the selling price, VAT/import charges around 25%, plus currency exchange loss, you will see nearly half of the money you pay goes them.

If we put on and ship from China, except for translating the product info, we need to process the order info later, in German language. This could not be the case at present.


Hi alzhao,

fully understand why you hesitate. There must be a business case in the European market for you otherwise it makes no sense selling products without ROI.

I bought my iNet6416 from and it was shipped from China sold by a Chinese seller (24 Euro with delivery costs). Maybe you get in contact with the seller and talk about the opportunities for a joint business case that is advantageous for both.

Here is the link where i bought my iNet6416: