Strange and annoying sound from Flint AX1800

I bought GL-AX1800. Overall, it has many issues with Wireguard and AdguardHome. Unfortunately, the most annoying part of this router is the strange sound from router. When I set up the router, it has loud beeping sounds. I put the router in my studio, where I sleep and work. This permanent noise is very annoying. I don’t know the reason why and try to reboot the router many times, as well as, factory reset it. However, there were still annoying sounds came from router. I used some routers from GL.inet, GL-MV1000W, gl-ar750s, and Velica. None of them has this problem. Please help!

Can you just talk to customer service to get an exchange?

BTW, firmware problem are fixing.

Send a message to customer service on with your invoice/order details and they’ll organise an exchange.