Stubby package not found

Hi, I’m trying to set up DNS over tls with Stubby instead of Unbound on my B1300 and it’s not available on the default opkg list, how do I go about to installing it from other sources?

Are you able to compile by yourself?

We are on a holiday so cannot really compile something now.

any guides on how to do that?

don’t have a computer so my choices are quite limited

Does latest openwrt has this?

Actually you could try OpenWrt snapshot firmware for B1300 and it works good now.

yes they do.
So, do I flash it through LuCi?
am I right in understanding once I flash it I will lose the GL-iNet UI right?
how do I flash back to GL-iNet firmware after I am on openwrt?

You are right. You need to flash using uboot.

just realized uboot requires cable and PC… which I don’t have at the moment. haha, guess I’ll just wait for firmware V3 for B1300