Suddenly my connection is dropping multiple times per day on GL-X3000

Hi, suddenly my gl-x3000 is dropping connection and losing the settings multiple times each day. I then need to reenter the settings each time. These settings include:
TTL 65
MTU 1500
Enable Band Masking turns off along with Masking Mode set to Open
LTE Bands are lost
5G NSA Bands are lost

Additionally, and I don’t know if this is related, I receive the following message by the second day of each month from t-mobile:
Send to Modem 123-11-02 14:57:56
SMS contents:You’ve used 50 GB of data this month. If you exceed 50 GB before your T-Mobile cycle resets on 11/29/2023, you still get unlimited data but may notice reduced speeds in areas with network congestion. Get more info and usage tips at My T-Mobile Login - Pay Bills Online & Manage Your T-Mobile Account

Finally, I was having trouble with phone calls but turning the VPN off on my phone may have solved that problem.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi tkfischer:

What firmware verizon are you using?

Please help to check configuration:

uci show network
uci show glmodem


Thank you so much for getting back to me and I apologize for my delay in responding. I was out of town and just back. I think you are looking for the following:
network: T-Mobile 5G NSA
Modem Name: RM520NGLAAR01A07M4G
If not, could you please tell me a little more about what it is you are asking me to provide?
Thank you again and I will be able to respond more quickly next time.

One more piece of information: Each time my internet drops off I am unable to connect to the admin panel to reboot or re-input the settings. I don’t know why that is the case but the only way for me to gain access again is to unplug the unit. Unfortunately for now our modem is located in a weatherproof case on the roof of the house to have any signal at all. So to unplug it we must enter the attic and unplug the extension cord. I just learned that it is possible to use an external antennae and I’m shopping for one now so that our modem can be in the house and easier to access.