[ Suggestion ] Allow purchase of colored cases?

Hey all!

After the release of the MT300A, I really love the idea of having colored cases for our routers. So much so that I’ve painted my own with some spray paint. However, I think it would be really great if GL-Inet sold their blue (and possibly more colors in the future!) cases, I’d be willing to get a blue case for my AR150. I personally feel this would be a wonderful option at checkout!

Actually we are having 4 colors and 4 different routers

White: AR150 (popular IoT devices)

Yellow: MT300N (cheap pocket routers)

Blue: MT300A (advanced private storage)

Black: AR300M (mini dual-band 802.11ac)


The yellow case is still not available so MT300N is in white case now. AR300M is not yet available.

The reason we haven’t provide color selection is that this will make things too complex. As routers are pre-assembled and we assign each color to each router. If you want free choice, then we will have 4x4=16 combinations. Then we also have PoE/Non-PoE, Internal Antenna/ External Antenna, Dual-band/single Band. If we provide all these choice we will have 32 to 64 combinations. This will kill us easily.

Maybe we can just sell cases so after you buy you change the case by yourself.


Thanks for the reply, Alfie.

I look forward to seeing different cases from GL-Inet.

Also can’t wait for a dual band router! That will be great.


Would it be possible to get the CAD file for the case so we can print our own?



@Mmonagham, sorry to disappoint you, we don’t think we will publish the 3D design recently. Although it seems not a big issue.

I would be very happy to have the option of purchasing colored cases as a separate item in the store.

Would also like to suggest a transparent case, it would give a very 90’s “gadget” look to the routers :slight_smile:

Yes, we will. Now the yellow and black case is not ready.

I am not sure if a transparent case is possible for this. But for each production, we need to make at least 2000 pcs. So it is not very easy to have too many options.


What’s your price point? 2000 seems like an awfully big run for color cases.


Yes. When the injection machine is operating, it is very efficient.

The price will be several $

Hey Alfie, we need some behind the scenes video of the case making!

In all seriousness though, I think this is a great idea. Several dollars for a colored case sounds good to me.

Dear all, here you are! Color cases can be bought separately now.


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Spiffy! Looks like you have several new products in the store. Will any of them be making their way to Amazon?


BTW, looks like the previous image is hanging over the next post content a bit. Might be time for a clear:all style.

Will definitely be picking up one of the yellow cases! Thanks for the update Alfie.