Suggestions for most stable firmware for AX1800

Hi I recently bought a AX1800 and updated to latest as soon as I got it since I got a notification.
Three days in and it randomly started rebooting, I attributed it to the many AdGuard lists I loaded, I took out some but still the problem persisted. My config is nothing crazy, I run on WireGuard (Mullvad) and I now use NextDNS since by forwarding I get to take advantage of many lists without any memory constraints. After some reading (which I should’ve done before buying…) I find out that GLInet often push software full of bugs? So what version is suggested as most bug-free? Right now I am running on 4.2.1, is this the most stable? I tried briefly 3.4, but I could see the CPU usage was a lot higher. Thanks!

I would start with 4.4.6, which is pretty stable. Even the beta should be OK (4.5)

I would recommend to check if the reboots occur again and if yes, going to a full troubleshooting - including a reset.

Actually the reboots occured on 4.4.6… :weary: that’s why I installed 4.2.1 after reading some people say that its more stable. I had checked the logs before installing (installed through uBoot), but I could not see anything crash related so I can only assume it was because of AdGuard.

What’s the consensus on 3.x firmware? Is it considered more stable than 4.x?

Never tried any 3.x but never had major issues with 4.x anyway, so can’t really tell. Give 4.5 a try then - it’s beta.

Its possibly due to AGH as its known to make the Flint AX hit maximum CPU load. Try to disable AGH and see how it goes

I suspected as much, I have now switched to using NextDNS and no problems ever since. Hope it stays this way, otherwise I have no problems with it.

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