Summer web-server

Hi there,
Is it possible to connect the GL-MT300N-V2 to the camping wifi (got static ip) and still make my raspberry web-server (lan: available to my camping neighbours (192.168.1.*)?
How do i open/forward port 80?


Can’t it be connected using Repeater directly?
Port forwarding and opening port settings refer to the links below.

Thanks for the link, luochongjun
I forwarded external port 5580 to internal port 5580 (my raspberry web-server).
It’s just simply NOT working.

One thing:
MANGO is working as a repeater.
MANGO has no WAN cable plugged to it.
Does the repeater mode disable the port-forwarding functionality?

Hi luochongjun
MANGO creates a 192.168.8.X network.
The camping site is a 192.168.1.x network
I forwarded 5580 port both in MANGO and CAMPING routers (i also opened 5580 port in camping router, which is a thing that i dont really want to do).
So now it is working if i access the raspberry webserver from an real internet ip (ie: with my mobil phone).
But it does not work if i access the webserver from a camping ip (192.168.1.x) ,which is what i really want: Webservice for the camping people. No more, no less.
I hope this makes sense to you, so it is easier for you (or anyone else) to give my a hint on how to set up MANGO to forward incoming camping-requests to the raspberry behind it.
Thanks in advance

Seems that your camping router has AP isolation. It prohibit wireless device to access each other. Can you pls check?

Yes alzhao,
The router has AP isolation and doesnt seem the interface allows me to change it
But it was great that you pointed it out, since that is a feature that i never even thought that existed, and thus, saved me a lot of time and headache
Thank you very much!!