Switch Button Config - Router v Bridge - ethernet cable connected


I have updated my ar300md to v3.03 - works well now on both 2.4/5Ghz. My question is regarding the bridge mode. I have the ar300md connected to a spare ethernet cable in the loft to expand my wifi reach (main router on ground floor). It connects to the internet and all is fine. Is it possible to access the GLi interface to change settings in this mode? I can’t seem to determine what IP address it is allocated (perhaps none? Dumb AP?) Do I have to switch it back to router mode to make changes and then re-switch it to bridge?


You can check your main router to see if you can see the IP address it got. Then you can use this IP address to access it.

Otherwise you have to switch back as it is dumb. When it is dumb, there is no use to set it, right? All the traffic goes to the main router.