Switch drops during wifi disconnect/connect

I have been noticing lan ethernet dropping wth wwan. is something like glhealth doing a switch/network reset during wifi actions? this may not be all together bad to perform but when it is done at the switch level ethernet drops and another lease is required. Not the behavior one would expect. I feel few other issues are popping up due to this. may have a good output but is very painful during testing. this is all speculation of course on my part. if nobody else is experiencing this then perhaps I may have a defective switch.

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@JerryZhao can you check this issue?

OK, I thought I’d seen this happen! In my case- and this is from memory- I’d booted up with nothing in the WAN port so I could update to the new Beta8. Once it had rebooted, went to check some settings (still with no WAN), and when I plugged the WAN in, the LAN dropped and I couldn’t get it back until I’d power-cycled.

found this happening with mac os and ubuntu. ubuntu gives you a popup on the switch resetting. Mac os you have to open network preferences and leave it open to see the ip address disappear for the adapter.