System Crash When Installing 6rd on SNAPSHOT

Just a heads up that when installing the 6rd package on the current SNAPSHOT release, it causes a system crash. I just tried it on the Release Candidate version and the crash doesn't happen there.

The cause of the crash is apparently the kmod-sit dependency. I've attached the crash log.

crash.tar (9.5 KB)

Which router?

So when install kmod-sit it crashes?

I'm using the Flint 2 GL-MT6000 router.

And, yes, as soon as the install of of kmod-sit happens the system freezes. I had to do a UBOOT reset because I think after the install the module was getting automatically loaded and it would crash the system whenever I powered it off and back on again.

May I know you mentioned the snapshot version is the 4.7.0?

Yes, I was using the 4.7.0 snapshot version.

The downloaded file was named openwrt-mt6000-4.7.0-0704-1720031100.bin

Since I was going to install a SNAPSHOT version of the OpenWRT, I decided to try installing the new SNAPSHOT version (file named openwrt-mt6000-4.7.0-0708-1720376801.bin) to see if the issue was still present and can confirm the crash still happens when installing kmod-sit on my Flint 2.

I figured it would since the patch notes didn't indicate any change but still figured I'd try since I was going to be installing new firmware anyway.

It does not make sense to provide feedback for snapshot images.
Those images are generated automatically at night ... no one writes patch notes nor does anyone know what features are working and which are broken.

Okay, my mistake. Will definitely stop relaying unwanted information then.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound so negative. Every support and every message is important - only with snapshot firmwares it's like evaluating the soup before it's cooked...