System usage of RTC in AR150

I got my AR150 plus RTC, thanx a lot. Intended use of the RTC is immediate time adjustment after boot, before wireguard vpn is started, which needs correct time for startup.
Howver, checking logread, I see this:
Mon May 21 14:57:22 2018 dnsmasq-dhcp[2181]: read /etc/ethers - 0 addresses
Mon May 21 14:57:24 2018 daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/S96led: setting up led WLAN
Mon May 21 14:57:26 2018 user.notice firewall: Reloading firewall due to ifup of wan (eth0)
Mon May 21 14:57:26 2018 kernel: [ 52.889924] Custom GPIO-based I2C driver version 0.1.1
Mon May 21 14:57:26 2018 kernel: [ 52.894285] i2c-gpio i2c-gpio.0: using pins 1 (SDA) and 17 (SCL)
Mon May 21 14:57:27 2018 kernel: [ 53.973920] rtc-sd2068 0-0032: rtc core: registered sd2068 as rtc0
Mon May 21 14:57:27 2018 kernel: [ 53.984900] i2c i2c-0: new_device: Instantiated device sd2068 at 0x32
Mon May 21 14:57:28 2018 daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/S99ss-server:
Mon May 21 15:06:30 2018 procd: - init complete -

So, time adjustment still happens at very end of /etc/init.d-scripts, although there is a S00sysfixtime in rc.d BUT I suspect, this is not good enough, as S99rtc_init happens much later. Which most likely is because of gpio settings happen so late in /etc/init.d , too. Any suggestion for a fix ?

You need to modify the sequence of init script.

/etc/init.d/rtc_init disable

Modify START 99 to a lower number before wireguard, then

/etc/init.d/rtc_init enable

OK, done already. And it works.
You might consider to include it in future version of your firmware.