T-Mobile IPV4 APN Puli

I have a Puli router and I want to explore if using IPV4 will get me better speeds as Wireguard client. However, “APN Protocol” is not a field in setup. Is there a command to force it to use IPV4?

I’m assuming that T-mobile uses IPV6 by default, please tell me if this is false. I prefer IPV4 as Work laptop VPN is also IPV4.

If you don’t tun on the router’s IPV6 option , modme will always work on IPV4 only.

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t-mo will show as ip v4 to most things.
There is a rather extensive v6 nat setup on t-mo’s side to make this work i believe but it should work fine with v4.

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Ok, let me explain further. I have GL Puli and I have T-Mobile and Verizon SIM cards. I notice when I use Verizon SIM card and do a VPN tunnel to home VPN Server, the connection on my work laptop (Cisco Anyconnect VPN) is stable. However, when I use T-mobile SIM card, connection speed is considerably reduced and outlook doesn’t work on work laptop.

Somehow, I thought T-mobile connection interferes with Cisco Anyconnect and it could be ipv4 vs ipv6 from your comments, but doesn’t seem like it.