Tailscale AX1800. Taildrop feature

Hi. I’m not sure if it is a feature request or just a question but want to describe my case and possible solution.

So, recently, I discovered the Tailscale feature in my Flint router.
I found that this feature is easier to use than a WireGuard setup.
It works great.

I am really interested in the Taildrop feature. It works so well between devices. I can send photos from iPhone to Windows PC in 2 clicks.

But I want to ask - Is it possible to setup the Taildrop feature on the router and set a folder for downloads on the attached storage?

I have a 2TB SATA SSD connected as my network storage. With Tailscale I can access this drive from any location and I don’t need to be in the local network. I want to send files back to this drive via this feature.

I know I probably can just open this folder in some file manager or explorer on Windows and just copy-paste to the sharable folder but still, when you select share via Tailsscale, router is in a list and it would be nice just select it from the list and complete sharing.

I don’t use Tailscale but I wouldn’t get my expectations up. GL’s support for TS is beta at best. Using a GL device as a exit node isn’t even supported yet via the GL GUI.

4 days ago:

Here’s a related possible but unconfirmed workaround if you’re willing to SSH into your Flint & also use LuCI:

Further SSH/LuCI related & resources provided: