Tailscale on GL MT-3000 AX keeps restarting

With tailscale installed stock on 4.2.2 firmware - I have manually added the tailscale interface and firewall rules to allow routing for the exit node. However, as soon as I add it running “tailscale status” changes between listing my tailscale nodes and this message:

Health check:

- not logged in, last login error=fetch control key: Get “https://controlplane.tailscale.com/key?v=6”: context canceled

So it seems like tailscale is reconnecting every ~5 seconds. Stopping mwan3 does not help. Any ideas?

You need to bind your device to the taiscale account first, I suggest you configure it on the UI first, and then make changes.

I have logged in, it shows on my tailscale account and I’ve accepted the routes.

When I go to the CLI on the Beryl and run “tailscale status” a few times, it will return the list of my other tailscale nodes sometimes and other times that Health Check error and I’m not changing any settings, the tailscale client on the Beryl is restarting.