Tailscale on Mudi or equivalent?


I’ve been using Tailscale on the Slate for the last few months and it’s been great. However, I’m finding ever more often on the road with it and am plugging in a battery pack and 4G router.

When I get to the hotel it’s then back in Wi-Fi router mode to repeat the hotel wireless.

It seems like replacing it with the Mudi would make sense and configure failover for Wi-Fi first, 4G backup. However I can’t find if it has Tailscale support.

The Tailscale support page seems to have disappeared but I found a copy here:

Mudi’s not listed at all, which I assume means not supported and won’t be?

If that’s right, is there an alternate model (or one planned) that’s has 4G, battery and Tailscale support?


You can see GL-XE3000 / Puli AX - GL.iNet (gl-net.com).

Thank you for that, it’s an awesome router and the 300Mbps of WireGuard is very attractive.

However, it doesn’t look very portable! I was thinking something that could run from a pouch in my laptop bag like Mudi (or my Slate/Battery/Modem Frankenstein just about does) while I’m literally travelling.

Does that mean confirmation the Mudi won’t get Tailscale support?

Thanks again!

Yes, Puli AX is designed to be used in RV scenarios, so it will be a bit larger.
As far as testing goes, Mudi’s hardware resources are not able to support Tailscale work. So Tailscale will not be supported on Mudi.

@sard - it might be worth checking out this github repo, since it allows you to run tailscale on the Mudi: