Tailscale & ZeroTier can work as client / server with 2 routers?

I was planning to purchase 2 beryl’s but then I notices my ISP have me under CGNAT and I cannot configure WG neither Openvpn without port forwarding, my work pc needs to have my house location and i Can not install any other OS or a suspicious software so that’s why I wanted to make my own VPN in first place… would be possible to create a ZeroTier or Tailscale vpn at home with one of the routers and then connect to it from the 2nd router like the Wireguard client/server functionality?


Disclaimer: I’ve not used Tailscale but… hypothetically yes; you’d have to make the ‘tailnet exit node’ to be on the same device of whatever public IP you want your work to see on their servers.

ps. The Beryl AX (MT3000) is more than 3x faster w/ WG than Beryl (MT1300).

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Got you but I cannot use WG since iam under cgnat, i would like to connect to the Tailscale vpn at another country only with the router, I just wanted to know if the Beryls has that client option like WG and Openvpn

I don’t see how CGNAT applies if you’re using a Tailscale server on their infrastructure to carry your WG-based ‘overlay network.’ I may be misunderstanding something though.

I just wanted to know if the Beryls has that client option like WG and Openvpn

Once the GL device is on the ‘tailnet’ you’d use the Tailscale admin console/web site to setup routes to wherever they need to be IIRC. Tailscale is supported as of GL firmware 4.2.

The latest firmware for the Beryl (GL-MT1300) is 3.216. It is based on OpenWrt 19.07. Tailscale wasn’t in OpenWrt’s 19.07 repos. IDK if the devs plan on releasing a f/w v4.x for Beryl (GL-MT1300) but I doubt it.

Firmware v4.2 (OpenWrt 21.02) is available on GL-MT3000 Beryl AX, GL-A1300 Slate Plus, GL-AXT1800 Slate AX.

If you can, shoot for the Beryl AX or Slate AX. The Slate Plus might be a good choice as well. Using Tailscale’s WG-based overlay networks is going to be a lot more ‘fluid’ when you can harness 300Mbps or 550Mbps vs 170Mbps (Slate Plus) dedicated to WireGuard.

Beyond that I can’t help there though.

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Thank you for your replies, so since I have CGNat my ip is not static and i cannot do port forwarding so no WG vpn, the alternative is Tailscale or zerotier, but as far as I’ve seen there are only tutorials to ser up the vpn with one of them but no one shares if I can connect to those vpn with the routers (let’s say a slate plus for example), instead of installing something on my pc so my job pc will stay clean and the location the same at home as soon as i connect to the 2nd router :slight_smile: idk if I explained well

Tailscale is a WG based service. I’ve updated my post since you’ve made your post. Please refresh.

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Thank you, been really helpful