Target for GL-AR150, GL-AR300 and GL-Domino has been added to OpenWrt trunk

In OpenWrt trun (dd), there are target for GL-AR150, GL-AR300 and GL-Domino now. If you want to compile your own firmware or have a clean minimized firmware, just download the newest source or compile firmware.

Compiled firmware link: Index of /snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/generic/, search for GL


There seems to be no factory upgrade. Can this be installed on top of the stock ar150 from the Luci software upgrade page?

Ther is no “factory” firmware, as this router is already openwrt pre-installed. You can just use the said firmware to upgrade from LUCI or AR150’s UI, or from uboot UI.

alzhao, would you consider compiling a cc version for the ar150? There appears to be a need for it, and others are starting to offer their own builds. (OpenWrt Forum Archive) But I think we would all prefer to use a build from GL-iNET.

I understand your preference for people to compile their own firmware, but there are a lot of us that just don’t have the background. Since cc is now in a finalized state, this would be a good time for a pure openwrt CC firmware straight from you.

Pretty please?

I see. I will do.

Hello Alfie, could you create a backport patch for the gl-ar150 for openwrt 12?

They already had the gl.inet 6416 in the backport but not the gl-ar series

Yes it would be great to have standard OpenWrt CC build, I had a look at how to compile it myself but i have the feeling I will create a brick. So I rather play safe.

This guy in Poland has already build one (and customised a few things, so this is also no Basic CC build though) Customised and with Luci installed Minimal install without Luci

It’s worth having a look at. He made a very complete configuration.

Having a basic CC straight from GLi HQ will be awesome. (Like a Panda in a forrest of fresh bamboo)

@Rene, GL-AR150 patch for openwrt AA1209 is now here: OpenWrt-patches/AR150-AA1209 at master · domino-team/OpenWrt-patches · GitHub