Testing the firmware with sysupgrade failed AXT1800 4.2.0 Beta1

Tried multiple downloads and both images to no avail. SHA256 values are showing up all correctly on the upgrade web UI page!

I have the same problem :frowning:

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I have the same result…

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Special characters in release notes cause some data structure problems. The developers are recompiling.

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I just made the upgrade, and didn’t run into an error message:

The WireGuard client is a bit faster than before!

You have downloaded an updated firmware.
The checksum of the old one with an error was 30df035336c50a417fce2780e12d53e9303abb36a38ef7df24774509bd3bb29c

Lucky me :wink: Then I did the update, at the right time.

Thanks @yuxin.zou for the updated release which is flashing perfectly normally. Will get on with testing. Happy New Year to all as well.