Tethered AR-750 and Wired Ethernet


I am having an issue getting internet access from my AR-750. The AR-750 is getting internet from a tethered smartphone using EasyTether. Wirelessly connected devices are able to access internet from the 750 just fine, but a laptop connected to either of the two LAN ethernet ports cannot access the internet.

Is there some setting or configuration in the router I need modify to enable internet through the wired connections?

I don’t think there is specific settings for the LAN ports.

By default there one LAN and one WAN. Not two LAN. Before you set the wan port as LAN, you cannot use it as LAN.

Does your laptop get IP from the router?

There are three Ethernet ports on the back of the router - one WAN and two LAN, right?

My laptop attached to the wired LAN does get an IP from the router (and able to access the Admin panel, etc.). I’m just not able to get internet from it.

You are right. There are two LAN and one WAN.

But I cannot understand why when you connect to wifi it works but not working on LAN.