Tethering to TP-Link M7000: No device tethered

Hi all

Has anyone had issues when trying to tether to a router like the tp-link m7000 where the Slate Plus says no device is tethered? Any advice on what to check?

We are trying to tether because when we try to use with Repeater and VPN, we have issues launching outlook, teams, etc. even though it seems to be connected.

Thanks in advance.

Do other websites work behind VPN?

I have checked the information of TP-LINK M7000 which did not suppport the Tethering link type. So you can only use Repeater mode.
More details needed to anlysis the issue of Repeater and VPN.
You can try to set static DNS servers IP(public DNS eg: or Local ISP offered DNS) address on your computer or phones.