"The requested page does not exist."

I’ve been getting this message using OpenVPN with the gl-inet interface of the AR300M 2.27 firmware. The layout adapts to my smartphone screen as usual.

Everything still works. I just get redirected to the main page after I select “Apply”.

Is this normal for 2.27 beta or did I do something wrong when I flashed the firmware?

No, it is not normal - try reflashing without saving settings

I do not know what you mean.

I don’t know what you mean

The gl-inet interface adapts to my smartphone screen.

do you mean that when you operate the openvpn settings, the UI goes to homepage?

On the AR300M firmware 2.27 testing:

When I click “apply” on the VPN settings page, I get that error message. After 5 seconds it goes to the home page.

On firmware 2.264, when I click “apply” I get sent to the home page directly.

Not really a problem, it’s just weird.

I see. Will check what is the reason.

I would re-flash without saving settings, as I don’t get this problem on 2.27