Time Zone on GL-x3000NR Router

Hi there,
I have traveled to Jordan and finding it impossible to get a connection with WireGuard VPN, when I searched I found out it’s do with the my time zone which it should be UTC +3 but on router the time sync is UTC +2. I have kept searching for a solution with no avail. I have tried to change NTP ( Network Time Protocol) servers also no luck. Could someone kindly help me out please. Thanks
P.S I have no issue with OPEN VPN.

This should fix it, no?

Unfortunately it didn’t

Even when disable NTP, choose the right time zone and manually enter the time?

I did choose the nearest Country with the current time zone and it was Baghdad then tried different VPN servers even with two different VPN providers and it would not connect at all.

Stupid question but is VPN possible in the country you are currently in or might it be blocked?

What does the log say?

No not all stupid question, I have a very good connection with WireGuard on my mobile and no issues at all and the SIM card on my mobile are the same network for my internet on the router. So no issues connecting to the VPN here at all. Thank you for trying to help, but I think and you would know better the router needs an update with the correct NTP for Jordan.

NTP is without timezones. NTP does not care about the time since it’s UTC+0 only.

So you have to try to set the right zone or use manual setting - if this is the problem at all. Without reading the WG log I don’t know.

logread.zip (30.4 KB)

Please find the log attached in the zip file

Are you using both OpenVPN client and WireGuard client? From the logs, there are some configurations maybe parsed failed.Could you PM me the configiration file?