Timezone not being requested after flash wipe/first boot

Using ver 4.0 beta 4

I’m using Verizon’s latetest fios g3100 for gigabyte internet access. ATX1800 could not connect to Verizon router with same ssid for 2.4-5.0ghz “mixed mode” until I set timezone.

Band selection is nice in repeater mode but would be nicer as a choice when first connecting instead of after the succesful connection is made and then going back and having to set it for 2.4 or 5.0 specifically. This what is currently required for an AX that is connecting to an AP that is running in mixed mode.

Update: apparantly time zone was not the issue for wireless conectivity. I also saw in settings for wifi you can change from auto to 5 or 2.4 ghz before connecting so I stand corrected for the above. issues connecting to my verizon router via wwan. The only thing im doing is setting the intenal lan to 192.168.69.x. Is this network address internally specificaly used internally by gli or perhaps issue with 192.168.8.x default being needed? Not getting off the ground here too well

LAN IP should not be a problem. No idea why.

router seems to get looped when attempting to connect in mixed mode. I was able to connect once in mixed mode but never again. took many attempts (above 10) to connect to just the 5ghz of Verizon AP. when it finally connected I added a .ovpn from protonvpn and it is connecting to the vpn and shows its connected but one cannot disable it. vpn dashboard shows no connections are created but there is one and there is no way to disable it cause you cant delete a vpn connection that is active or one that does not exist

. this setting still persists on a reboot.

fyiI flashed v4.0Beta4 and reset router a few times with issues then flashed router via uboot for good measure before running into these. Router is using included power supply and ethernet cord to 1gb usb ethernet adapter.

Do you mean repeater connect to ssid with 2.4G and 5G mixed?

If you lock 2.4G or 5G are you able to connect?

Can you get logs?

when I set 2.4 and 5g to the same ssid name on verizon router I cannot get a connection to router. getting logs is difficult because router goes into unstable state where dhcp stops and entire network goes up an down attempting to connect to mixed mode. I set ethernet to static ip at the client machine to alleviate but did not work. Hard reset requried. I’ll set a backup access point so it default to it and maybe get some logs. I had to enable DFS in Verizon router just to get 5ghz connection alone.