Tips for getting around storage Issues with OpenWRT firmware

Looking for any tips or tricks for avoiding a storage issue with 3.203 firmware. Using AR300’s as VPN gateways for customers to our network.

when installing updates on 3.203 firmware the router runs out of storage. Tried reverting to older firmware but no luck there either. Cant use USB drive as permanent solution as a USB Z-wave Stick is necessary but could be used temporarily for installation.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

If I was doing custom configurations for customers, I would give up on the GL iNet firmware and load the OpenWRT firmware, as the OpenWRT base installation is much smaller then the GL iNet base installation, and allows you to select just the packages you need to support your customers.

You could use imagebuilder to create your own firmware with some of the packages deleted, or use a startup script to delete loaded packages.

You may, for example, not need the VPN client packages, or glterf. Maybe not the nodogsplash package. IPV6? You can delete packages and see if that gets you enough to update what you want while still doing what you want.

How much space do you need?

You can find a small USB hub that work with the router, so one for exroot and one for your z-ware.

Can you also share how you use your z-wave applications? That will be of a lot of interest.