Tor and OpenVPN


I’ve flashed my AR150 with the TOR firmware at 404 Page not found - GL.iNet and tried to set up the non-TOR network to go through my VPN. I’ve a few errors on installing (signature mismatch of the openvpn-openssl package in the default repo, and when I fixed that a kernel-mismatch) but the VPN config in Luci eventually showed up, and I set it all up using this

However, the VPN doesn’t start…has anyone had experience using VPN with the TOR firmware provided here?



I think there is a problem of installing the packages if there is a kernel-mismatch. The required kernel modules is not installed.

The Tor firmware is not backed by its own repository. However, you can use our firmware, e.g. 2.20, which has OpenVPN preinstalled. You then need to install Tor using opkg and configure Tor. That will work.

Thanks - so I’ve installed 2.20 and uploaded my PIA config files, but the VPN doesn’t start, and the status remains at ‘please wait’. What should I do?

can you open one of your PIA ovpn files and check if there is such a line:


Please try to delete this line and upload the file again.

Hi - this works, thank you.

Now, to configure the TOR, I’ve used this tutorial OpenWRT · Wiki · Legacy / Trac · GitLab - do you have a better one, or can you advise how I need to change it to make two Wifi networks, so as to have a TOR and a normal one?


I don’t think it is good to have two SSIDs, one for Tor and one for Normal Internet. It is quite often that you don’t notice which ssid you are connecting to. I’d rather use the hardware switch to switch between Tor or normal Internet.