TOR firmware for 6416A?

On the old site it was possible to download different pre-compiled firmware for 6416A - but I can not find on the new site?
For example there were two firmware bin files for TOR - one that supports TOR only on WiFi and other other one that support TOR also on LAN port.
Also for Bitcoin mining etc.
Where I can find that firmware now?

Here are them:

Will update on the download page.

Can we please have a version of the tor firmware for the GL-AR150 as well?

OK. Trying to compile Tor in AR150. Hope to get a firmware next week.

I’m taking TOR-LAN for a spin. When you compile TOR for the AR150 then please use for a smooth transition. for the 6416 TOR-LAN image is being used. After flashing the router is trying to reload so it will not find that.

And maybe a reminder for ‘goodlife’, it might not be clear to first time users that the passphrase is still the same default.

OK. Tor firmware will come tomorrow.


Thank you for creating the tor firmware for the AR150.
I ordered a second AR150, so I test this. With amazing customer support like this I think the AR150 is going to be my new default platform for projects that need small form factor. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.