Tor firmware version 2.264 has DNS leak

I have installed to a router AR-150 firmware version 2.264
this firmware has DNS leak!
how can I fix this?
maybe another version firmware does not have DNS leak?
firmware v1.4 has the same bug

Have you set custom dns with public dns server address? It’s better to support more detailed information.

no ,I did not change the dns settings

First, hope you didn’t keep settings when change firmware. If you did pls try reset the firmware.

Second, tor firmware doesn’t need to set custom dns. Pls give what you found in detail, e.g. dnsleaktest result and tor check

  1. I didn’t keep settings when change firmware.
  2. I connect router to my wifi modem across SSID. I connect my phone device’s to a ar-150 router .
    on sites and etc. shows the DNS ISP
    pls check

I tested again Tor firmware on AR150 ( I have tested many times) but I don’t have dns leak when using or dnsleaktest.

I am not sure what is the problem and how to solve now.

It is not the router, it is your system.

  1. change ISP router’s DNS from auto>manual (and put in Cloudfare’s -
  2. set custom DNS in GL router (again, set Cloudfare’s)


  1. in modem from ISP can not change DNS settings.
  2. where in firmware 2.264 I can change the DNS settings?

Please read the documentation :slight_smile:

on Tor firmware no this interface

I’d suggest forgetting TOR and use a VPN. There are even free ones out there that work well.

thank you ,but this is not a solution to the problem:(

I can’t remember if the tor firmware has LuCI or not.
You can enter custom dns using LuCI in
Interfaces → Wan → Advanced Settings → Use Custom DNS Servers

If not, then you can do it via SSH, check the OpenWRT manual for that :slight_smile:

TOR firmware it has LuCI, changed in settings, now everything is ok!
Thank You

You are welcome :smiley: