Tor Route All Traffic or Some Traffic?

Does AR300m when using 3.1 firmwares and Tor mode (with button) routing ALL traffic into Tor, or only SOME traffic like HTTP and HTTPS please?

All traffic passes through tor, but not include the guest network.

@luochongjun Okay but wired LAN connection has all trafiic (SSH, DNS, everything) through Tor?

Allows devices from the LAN use SSH into the LAN IP.

@luochongjun What are you saying? I did not ask anything like this.

My question is very simply. If I use Tor on router, I have laptop connected to this router, I use SSH on this laptop for connecting to another server on the internet, is this SSH going through Tor? Because I do know some Tor routing is only for HTTP/HTTPS and I do not want this.

Tor route all data, same as VPN.