Tor service for Convexa-S


lately, it has been announced that the new router Mudi will be equipped by a new Tor service, it’s a great option for me. I have Convexa-S and Spitz routers. my question is " will this option be available for other routers like mine or it will be exclusively available for Mudi only

The new Mudi is based on the latest 19.07 OpenWRT version, while the S1300 is still running QSDK with version 15.05 of OpenWRT.

I can’t 100% confirm, but what i expect is that the Mudi will have that feature exclusively at launch, and the features will trickle down to the other routers as their versions get updated as GL usually does.

@alzhao Can you confirm?

I trust Gl-inet. I have 2 device now convexa-s and spitz. I hope to get this feature soon.

This feature will be added to other products later.