Traffic going through VPN when it shouldn't

I have Brume 2 with VPN policy to use VPN on two specified devices, while any other device use the regular Internet.

On occasion, for some reason non VPN devices start using VPN, and it gets resolved with a restart of the router.

Any ideas?

What’s your firmware version?

Firmware 4.2.3 release5.

Can you describe your settings specifically? What would cause the VPN policy to fail? Will it always fail if not reboot?

I have uploaded screenshots of my setup. I use PIA Wireguard VPN. I am unsure why my policy would put other devices under VPN when not specified in the policy to “Use VPN”. It gets noticed by me and my family when we start getting captcha prompts on Google searches. I check the ip and its on VPN for some reason.

A reboot does resolve the issue for the time being. I cannot see anything in my settings that would be the issue.

I do have a custom firewall rule (last screenshot) to add Killswitch to those devices as your built in feature blocks open internet even when allowed by policy.

Please apply once after setting the custom firewall rule in Luci:

This is caused by the policy route script which doesn’t write settings to firewall uci.
We’ll optimize this later.

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Thank you! I will make sure I select Apply after making any changes to firewall settings in Luci.