Trimming the fat MT300NV2?

I am looking for thoughts on packages that are safe to remove from a typical MT300N router installation using USB tethering to a cell modem connection. I am trying to free up enough space to install a mini-DLNA server and would like to keep luci if possible. Right now it looks like I need about another 500K of space.

thanks for your suggestions, I am sure they will save me lots of time hunting through package sizes, …

I have done this with an AR300M and LEDE 17.01.04, building my own firmware with Imagebuilder. I left nothing out and included mini-DLNA and all the USB storage packages in the compressed image (on the 16MB NOR). The trick is to build it into a basic image so it is all compressed in the flash. This would work in theory with the MT300N-v2 but unfortunately LEDE does not yet fully support the mt7628 chipset.


The imagebuilder for MT300N-V2 is here: GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder-lede-ramips: imagebuilder for GL-MT300N-V2

Enjoy easy firmware building.