Trying to decide between 3 options - What's the best for my situation?

In my previous home, a single B1300 was just fine for my needs.

I recently moved into a bigger place, and there are some dead zones. I’m still using a single B1300, but it’s not enough to cover the entire home. So I’m undecided between 3 options:

  • Get another B1300 (Convexa) and mesh it with my current Convexa.

  • Get a B2200 (Velica) and mesh it with my current Convexa. Would these two different models mesh together easily? Is there even an advantage for me to get a Velica over a Convexa for my case?

  • Get a AX1800 (Flint) and wait for the mesh function to arrive to Flint (My Convexa would be obsolete until then, right?) If I used a single Flint instead of a single Convexa, is there a chance some of my dead zones would be eliminated? In other words, does the Flint cover more space than the Convexa? Or does it sound like I definitely need 2 routers in my situation?

Thanks very much for your input.

Mesh between different models is a little bit “complexed”.

The easiest “cross” product you can do is the S1300 and B1300. I wouldn’t be waiting for mesh on the Flint or cross mesh on Velica and Convexa…

I’m assuming there’s no wiring in the new house because wired is always better and you could just use any of the range in Acess Point mode. Personally I reckon I’d either:

  • Go an additional B1300 in mesh
  • Buy a Flint and see how the coverage is and if you still need to, use the B1300 in extender mode.

AX1800 Flint has more coverage than B1300 for sure. But whether it can cover your dead zones is only a try and see problem.

If you want to use mesh, use two B2200, which is much better than B1300 because it is tri-band.

Also two B2200 mesh router can cover much more area than one AX1800 if you position them properly.

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