Trying to flash openwrt on GL-S1300

I am trying to flash the openWRT firmware on my S1300, I did everything accordingly to the this:

But I am unable to install the openWRT and also I cannot install the original firmware now. Not sure if I bricked the device or am doing something wrong.

I manage to flash it now, running openWRT stock now!!!

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Can you share how you solved the problem?

Sure, it’s something very stupid, after flashing multiple times without success to access Luci interface, I swtiched the RJ45 cable from wan to lan and it worked. I was doing the whole thing from another person’s pc, a chromebook, not sure why I was unable to access uboot from my linux machine…to make the long story short, I was trying anything different from what was not working with my limited knowledge.

I see. It is problem of some pc’s Ethernet card is not compatible. Some pc never worked. Changing one may just work.