Trying to install tailsale using luci

Error relocating /usr/sbin/tailscaled: __nanosleep_time64: symbol not found

get this error on installing tailscaled with no resolution seen

What model of router are you using?

mt 1300 i updated to the latest stable and then i did 4.2 because i thought it would have tailscale but i think thaat’s only for the mt3000?

It is not only the MT3000 that has Tailscale, but some older products such as the MT1300 have too little storage space to allow us to install Tailscale. So manual installation is also not recommended.

The installation error looks like the wrong version of the library file. If you must install it, please bring in the source and update the dependencies.

I have no idea what that means…can you give me commands to do? I also have an sd card but not sure how to install tailscale to the sd card

How did you install Tailscale? Upload the ipk file?
Can you find Tailscale on the Plug-ins page or on LuCI’s packages page?

Please refer to