Turn off openVPN for either LAN or WLAN (AR300M/MT300N-v2)

Hi folks,

For the AR300M and MT300N-v2 routers, I have setup and use openvpn.

the VPN covers both the Wlan and the Lan port.

I was wondering if there is a simple way to only have VPN apply to Wlan and have the Lan port outside of the tunnel.

Also vice versa, Can I have the Lan port connected to VPN and have the Wlan not going through the VPN tunnel.



You need to modify /etc/config/firewall

or use iptables

For iptables, you can route clients from eth1 (lan) or wlan0(wifi) to vpn.

For firewall, you may need to create a different zone for lan and wifi. So you have to set up two LAN network in /etc/config/network. Things get a little complicated.

I don’t have a ready guide

If I use iptables or firewall to setup up two different zones (wifi and lan) what happens to DHCP? Do the two different zones have different subnets? Does that mean I have 2 dhcp instances?