Two Brume Issues Web Access + OpenWRT Upgrade


I am trying go get the Brume onto the web app, but it says its connected, then fails. The unit is showing in the web app now under the group, but shows deactivated.

How do I get the Brume onto the web app/android app? Cloud control?

Also does anyone have a straight forward link to upgrading the openwrt to the latest version the beta firmware supports? how do I upgrade from 19 → 22?

It seems that the router disconnect from the Internet or our cloud server. If its Internet is fine but only disconnect from our cloud server, generally it is due to vpn. When using some vpn services you cannot connect to our cloud server. I have no idea of the reason.

Nope, tried both… with and with. It says success, but doesn’t bind.

Can you send your accound and device info to support at

As it contains private info so hard to talk via the forum.