Typo/Misconfiguration in Privoxy Package for Opal

Just wanted to point out that the Privoxy package for the Opal has a file labeled match-all.action.new in /etc/privoxy where the default configration uses match-all.action as the file name.

An error message is displayed about the missing file when configuring Privoxy using luci-app-privoxy.

Did you ever upgrade this package?

Generally the .new .old .bakcup are created when upgrading a package.

It was a fresh install of firmware 3.215.

After installing privoxy and updating listen address and permit access IP’s under access control, the error message is displayed that match-all.action is missing and will not apply the changes.

SSH’ing in and looking at /etc/privoxy showed match-all.action.new in the directory on a fresh install. I did not restore a backup and just configured the Opal from scratch.

I see. Maybe just a bug in that package.